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Aid project Hungary

Promoting language skills

Children from low-income homes frequently lack the chances and assistance they require to thrive and develop properly. Education is a critical tool for empowering children and teenagers, improving their cognitive, social, and emotional skills, and laying a firm basis for their future. Education also helps children feel more secure and autonomous, improves their communication skills, and broadens their worldview.

The Hungarian "Csányi Foundation" is dedicated to improving the language abilities of impoverished children and teenagers aged 10 to 24. Children not only study Hungarian but also German and English, as well as the cultures linked to these languages. The highlight of the year is an 8-day language excursion for children and teenagers who have excelled in their language learning.

Your contribution is more than a donation; it is an investment in the future of these young people in Hungary. Together, we are broadening their perspectives, developing their language abilities, and providing them with the confidence and tools they need to embrace a world of possibilities. Thank you for your contribution to the growth and development of these children and teenagers.

About the project

Local circumstances

Socially disadvantaged children are not uncommon in Hungary. Hungary’s transition towards a market economy has also had a number of negative side effects, especially for children and families: many have sunk into poverty. Even though the country has caught up and unemployment has fallen significantly, many children are still at risk of living in poverty. The situation is particularly problematic for boys and girls with single parents and ethnic minorities such as the Romani people. Romani children drop out of school more often than other children. And a low level of education also means fewer prospects for the future.

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