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Thank you for your support!

With your regular donation, you have given disadvantaged children and young people the chance of a promising future and thus a better quality of life.

The LR Global Kids Fund e.V. enables

  • Psychosocial and educational support to improve the child's living situation
  • Child-friendly care in a sheltered environment
  • Educational offers and offers for the promotion of the personality development
  • Psychological support
  • Speech and art therapies, music lessons as well as sports and cultural activities
  • Moments of happiness and important opportunities for the future

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If you would like to maintain your regular donation in principle, but are currently unable to pay the full contribution, we offer several options:

You can pause your regular donation contribution

You can reduce your donation amount to a minimum of 5,00€ monthly

If you would like to pause payment of your donation or have the amount of your regular donation adjusted, please contact our Donor Services at: info@lrgkf.com

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