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Rehabilitation program for 60 beneficiaries

Aid project Czech Republic

SOS Children's Villages in the Czech Republic is the oldest non-profit organization that has been helping needy children for more than 50 years. The organization
offers a total of six different types of services.

LR Global Kids Fund supports a "Social Rehabilitation Program for Immature Families with Infants and Young Children" in Havirov, Czech Republic.

SOS Children's Villages provides support for families at risk of breaking apart. They work directly with families and communities to help them protect and care for their children. The goal is to strengthen families so that children can remain at home and not be placed in out-of-home care.  

The target group includes immature families who cannot cope with their parental role - in danger of having their children taken away from them.
This mainly concerns young mothers and fathers, in their teens or early 20s, who have not experienced a functioning family themselves.
Therefore, various trainings are offered for parents to help them
to stay with their children in a healthy and nurturing environment.

About the project

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