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Aid project Czech Republic

Psychological support and leisure activities

An innovative approach is taken here: in addition to the SOS families in the traditional village setup, the children are also lovingly cared for by a network of trained foster families and SOS educators outside the village. This way, a considerable number of disadvantaged children get a much greater quality of life. The sponsored programme focuses on psychological or psycho-social measures as well as sports and art classes, which promote the children’s talents and strengthen their personality.

A particularly touching story occurred in Brno: Markie and his 3 siblings had spent their lives housed in different orphanages in the area. Now, for the first time ever, the four siblings are living as a family in a house in the SOS Children’s Village together with their SOS mother, Hana. In this caring environment, they have begun to thrive. And, after a while, the eldest sister, Simona, aged seven, started saying “Mama” to Hana – she had never had a mother to call Mama before.

About the project

Local circumstances

Children in the Czech Republic who – for whatever reason – can no longer live with their birth parents are rehomed in foster families. There is a high standard of  care in these foster families. And the foster families  receive continuous and dedicated support from the local SOS Children’s Villages. This includes social counselling and psychological assistance throughout the process of raising the adopted children.

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