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Aid project Ukraine

Education support and leisure activities

The SOS Children's Village Kyiv is dedicated to providing support to foster families and their children who have experienced early-life violence and neglect. For many of these children, these traumatic experiences have led to behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, depression, and aggression. Through specialised therapies, children and teenagers learn to process their past, manage their emotions, and build a healthier relationship with themselves.

The ultimate goal is for them to heal emotionally, paving the way for a better future. Your help is more than simply a donation; it's a lifeline that allows these young people to heal, grow, and find hope again. We're all working together to improve their health and give them the tools they need to create a happier, more promising future. Thank you for making a real difference in the lives of these Ukrainian youngsters.

About the project

Local circumstances

Brovary has roughly 98,000 inhabitants and is located near Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. Life for children born into this region is far from easy. Many children and youths are neglected by their parents due to various complex social and economic problems.

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