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Aid project Austria

Developing and nurturing character

The "SoWo" (Social Living House) in Neunkirchen, Austria, offers a new home and life support to teenagers aged 14 and up who are unable to live at home. Many of these young people come from difficult home backgrounds. SoWo provides assistance and care to assist people in overcoming their unique problems. It is a place where young people can live in a safe and supportive environment to improve their quality of life and social integration. It establishes the framework for a self-determined and happy future for them. Your help is more than just a donation; it is a lifeline for these young Austrians. We're giving kids a chance to build a better tomorrow by providing stability, support, and the resources they need to live self-determined and enjoyable lives. Thank you for making a significant difference in the lives of these young people.

About the project

Local circumstances

Children in difficult family situations are not uncommon, even in Austria. They often need to process the traumatic experiences and require help to learn to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others.

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