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Aid project Austria

Developing and nurturing character

In Neunkirchen, Austria, the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. sponsors the socio-pedagogical institution “SoWo” (social home). It offers a new home to girls and boys aged 14 and over who, for various reasons, can no longer live with their families.

A multi-professional team looks after the youngsters 24/7 and gives them all the help they need to master the challenges of growing up. The main focus lies on developing and promoting the children’s personality. The LR Global Kids Fund e. V. supports the “SoWo” children’s home with a mentoring programme and sponsors participatory projects that nurture the children holistically. The aim of the institution is to prepare the youths for an independent life with a positive outlook.

About the project

Local circumstances

Children in difficult family situations are not uncommon, even in Austria. They often need to process the traumatic experiences and require help to learn to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others.

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