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Aid project Netherlands

Experiencing happy, carefree moments

The "CliniClowns" are specifically trained artists who perform at hospitals, care centres, and other medical institutions in the Netherlands. They combine music, theatre, magic, and a lot of fun to make children laugh and smile. These artists create spaces where young patients can temporarily forget about their pain, concerns, and worries. The CliniClowns, in particular, promote a pleasant atmosphere during "Bedtime Visits." They provide comfort and relaxation to youngsters who are distant from home in a new, sterile environment, often without their parents. Your contribution is more than a donation; it is an investment in the well-being and happiness of these young patients in the Netherlands. We're making a difference by delivering smiles, comfort, and moments of relief to youngsters experiencing difficult medical situations. Thank you for your contribution to these heartwarming and meaningful endeavours.

About the project

Local circumstances

Sick and disables children can be found everywhere. They are often confronted with things they cannot or can no longer do so well. In addition to their physical suffering, they are burdened by psychological stress. This causes anxiety and makes a quick healing process more difficult.

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