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Aid project Netherlands

Experiencing happy, carefree moments

Since June 2019, the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. has been supporting the CliniClowns app. With this app, sick children can meet the CliniClowns online on their mobile phone or tablet – 24/7! With the online tool, the organisation manages to reach the children at home as well as in hospitals and institutions such as special needs schools and hospices and supports them in difficult times.

The trained professional CliniClowns visit almost all hospitals in the Netherlands with a children’s ward and entertain the young invalids, allowing them to forget their worries for a while and putting a smile on their faces. The aim is to reduce the children’s stress and fear, boost their confidence and thereby create better conditions for healing. But the most important aspect for the children is: taking their mind off their illnesses for a few moments.

About the project

Local circumstances

Sick and disables children can be found everywhere. They are often confronted with things they cannot or can no longer do so well. In addition to their physical suffering, they are burdened by psychological stress. This causes anxiety and makes a quick healing process more difficult.

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