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Aid project Netherlands

Experiencing happy, carefree moments

The LR Global Kids Fund e. V. has been supporting the CliniClowns since June 2019. The trained, professional CliniClowns visit almost all hospitals in the Netherlands with a children's ward and bring the children a happy experience that puts a smile on their face. The goal is to reduce the children's stress and anxiety, increase their confidence in themselves and thereby create a better basis for recovery. But the most important thing for the child: to forget his illness for a few moments.

In this regard, the organization CliniClowns has launched a new project in 2022 and started the "Bedtime Visits", visits at bedtime. Because in addition to their illness and pain, the little hospital patients have to endure being far from home and in a strange and sterile environment without their parents. That's why many children have trouble falling asleep. With their bedtime visit, the CliniClowns create a more relaxed atmosphere and help the children to fall asleep with a good feeling.

About the project

Local circumstances

Sick and disables children can be found everywhere. They are often confronted with things they cannot or can no longer do so well. In addition to their physical suffering, they are burdened by psychological stress. This causes anxiety and makes a quick healing process more difficult.

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