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Educational and psychological support

The SOS Child Day Centre in Madrid's heart provides educational and psychological help for vulnerable children aged 0 to 3 from the local area. The institution fulfils children's core requirements for affection, security, food, and hygiene through comprehensive care and counselling services. Furthermore, it equips parents with the skills they need to effectively nurture and care for their children. Specialised enrichment programmes focus on these young children's psychomotor, sensory, and verbal development, with the ultimate goal of increasing their self-esteem and social competence. The goal is to promote these children's holistic development and to enable their families to offer a supportive atmosphere, deepen their ties, and lay a firm basis for their future.

Your contribution is more than a donation; it is an investment in the future well-being and potential of these young minds in Spain. We are working together to create a brighter future for these children and their families by providing them with the resources and skills they require to succeed. Thank you for making a difference in their lives and the community.

About the project

Nearly 5% of people do not have a job. In Spain, one in four children lives in poverty; boys and girls from immigrant households are disproportionately impacted. The purpose of this SOS Day Care Centre is to support families and kids that are marginalised, in danger, or socially vulnerable.

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