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Aid project Poland

Educational opportunities and leisure activities

Together with a local aid organisation, the LR Global  Kids Fund  e. V. aims to give disadvantaged children between the age of three and 14 a brighter future by sponsoring educational opportunities (e.g. tutoring), offering counselling and ensuring that they receive a warm and healthy meal. The youths are encouraged to take part in various leisure activities such as cooking courses, excursions and holiday camps – for many, such things are a luxury they would normally not be able to afford.

The aim is to improve the children’s feeling of self-worth, boost their confidence, get them off the streets and integrate them back into society.

About the project

Local circumstances

In some districts of Katowice, crime, alcoholism, unemployment and poverty are everyday problems. Children in particular suffer in these living conditions. They have gaps in their education and lag behind in their development. Behavioural disorders and a propensity towards violence are common side effects.

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