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Intense psychological support


SOS Children’s Village in Bicesse, which is located close to Lisbon hosts these children and adolescents who had abandoned their families due to unforeseen circumstances. Physical beatings, parental abandonments, death, poverty among others are some common problems that several of these adolescents have suffered. Psychosocial support is carried out from Bicesse with other alternate therapies like surf and horse used. This consists of the enhancement of body handling, stability, muscular power, coordination, focus, as well as emotional control. It improves self confidence, as well as helps ones social communication skills on a mental basis. Some of these activities rekindle the childhood joy that improves the kids’ health and may transform their lives.

About the project

Local circumstances

The young residents of this Portuguese SOS Children's Home have already gone through difficult and terrible events. Restoring joy to their everyday lives and healing their spirits are the goals.

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