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Aid project Bulgaria

Loving care and attention

Bulgaria has more orphans than most other EU countries. Thousands of Bulgarian children grow up away from their families. The state institutions often struggle to look after the large number of care-dependent children.

The "Children's House“offers children care in a sheltered setting – a real alternative to the heavily overburdened system of state welfare.

The LR Global Kids Fund supports this institution, which provides a replacement family for baby and toddler orphans. Thanks to the small group size – just six children – a sheltered atmosphere is created. Here, the youngsters can stay until the age of seven. Thanks to the loving care they receive, even small children with special needs get the necessary support. However, the aim is always to find a foster family for the children as soon as possible.

About the project

Local circumstances

Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries of the EU. Every fifth child is affected by poverty, often with lifelong consequences. Many boys and girls are malnourished, have health problems and are also disadvantaged when it comes to formal education. The situation is particularly problematic for Roma families. 

Pronounced corruption and organised crime are hampering the country’s development.

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