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Every childhood has its own story.
Help us to make sure it ends well.

For us, social responsibility is a matter of the heart.
We focus on supporting and promoting socially disadvantaged children and youths – not only in Germany, but worldwide.


Aid projects across the world – for more quality of life

In order to help unbureaucratically and transparently, the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. is committed to a set number of children’s aid projects that operate locally.

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Your help counts

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1. How does the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. finance its projects?

The LR Global Kids Fund e. V. receives a substantial proportion of its revenues from LR Health & Beauty. The remaining funds come from private donors in the shape of supporting memberships or…

2. I want to organise a fundraiser for the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. – how does that work?

How about taking part in a sporting event with an appeal for donations? You could also organise a flea market, car boot sale, charity concert or a Facebook donation campaign – it is not difficult to…

3. What does the “LR” in the name LR Global Kids Fund e. V. stand for?

The LR Global Kids Fund e. V. was founded by employees of the company LR Health & Beauty (LR for short). The company itself donates generously to the charity.

“It ist important for us to improve the future prospects for disadvantaged children and young people through our corporate philosophy -"More quality for your Life" - At LR we are socially responsible. This is a part of our corporate culture. Donations from our employees, partners and the company are what make the valuable help in the children's aid projects possible in the first instance.”

Kirsten Ueckmann, Chairwoman of the board LR Global Kids Fund e. V.