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LR Global Kids Fund inspects future Lunch Club premises

Renovations at the former Neustadtkirche are progressing / Move planned for late summer

Ahlen, 16 June 2020 – Just under two weeks ago, Metin Dedelin, the new owner of the former church Neustadtkirche and the adjacent Wichernhaus, received the keys to the buildings from the Protestant parish in a symbolic act. Now, Dedelin invited representatives from the LR Global Kids Fund, the long-term partner and sponsor of the RTL-Kinderhaus Lunch Club.

“We are thrilled that Mr Dedelin is keeping the Lunch Club as a tenant, allowing us to stay on Wichernstraße,” says Andreas Friesch, chairman of the LR Global Kids Fund. From August or September, the RTL-Kinderhaus will be linked with the neighbouring Wichernhaus and the adjacent and renovated church building. “Comparing the premises, it quickly became clear to me that the former Neustadtkirche is much better suited to offer targeted support to children from disadvantaged families,” Dedelin explains.

Originally, Dedelin had planned to complete the project “new Lunch Club” by September. But since it is currently difficult to get all the building materials needed, the schedule had to be adjusted slightly. “Nevertheless, the club will be able to move in the late summer. The renovation work just won’t be totally completed yet,” says the new owner and mentions the outdoor area, which will have to be developed at a later stage.

In future, the RTL-Kinderhaus Lunch Club will have a total of 300 m² at its disposal, which is 130 m² more than before. Since the start of the renovation work, Dedelin has been in regular contact with Heike Gründken, the managing director of the Lunch Club. This ensures that the renovations meet the children’s needs. Gründken can hardly wait: “We are really looking forward to the big new premises on the ground floor and the fact that everything is now accessible. We will finally be able to have a truly inclusive programme for all children between the age of six and 14.” Dedelin adds that the RTL-Kinderhaus Lunch Club will also be more of an eye-catcher in future: “Everything will look a lot more inviting. The exterior walls will be newly plastered, and the front area will also feature aluminium panels.”

Incidentally, the sale to Dedelin only came about due to a chance encounter with Andreas Friesch. The chairman of the LR Global Kids Fund noticed the facade of the building on Wichernstraße while on a walk. He got talking to Mr Dedelin, the owner of the property with the interesting facade. They soon began discussing the district in general, the Lunch Club and the building complex Neustadtkirche/Wichernhaus, which was up for sale. Dedelin immediately showed interest in buying the place, and Friesch introduced him to contacts at the parish and the city of Ahlen. “The southeast of Ahlen is simply near and dear to me. It’s where I feel at home. The Lunch Club adds significant value to the district, which is why I’m very happy to support the project with the renovation,” says Dedelin, explaining his motivation.

About the Lunch Club e.V.

Every day, the Lunch Club e.V. offers children and youths a hot and healthy meal. In addition, the kids can take part in educational and leisure activities. Since 2018, the Lunch Club is part of RTL-Kinderhäuser and has received support from the LR Global Kids Fund since its foundation back on 2012.

About the LR Global Kids Fund e.V.

The LR Global Kids Fund e.V. was founded in 2009 by LR Health & Beauty. The charity is based on the collective commitment of the company, its employees, sales partners and customers and supports aid projects in countries in which LR is active. With its company donation, LR covers all administrative costs that arise from the charity work. This way, all donations arrive in their entirety where they are actually needed: in local projects. The aim is to support disadvantaged children and youths in every LR market. Education and health-promoting projects are among those that receive donations. They all offer children: “More quality for your life.” For more information on the different aid projects and donation options, please visit lrgkf.com.



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