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Kirsten Ueckmann is the new chairperson of the LRGKF board of directors.

General meeting decides in favor of concentrated female power


Ahlen, October 26, 2022 - Kirsten Ueckmann is the new chairwoman of the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. (LRGKF). This decision was made by the general meeting of the Ahlen-based children's aid organization on September 22, 2022. The 56-year-old has been an integral part of the LRGKF board team for more than ten years and succeeds Andreas Friesch in her new role.

The election as Chairwoman of the Board is a significant event for Kirsten Ueckmann. The Gütersloh resident makes it clear how excited she is about her new task: "Children are our future! However, many of them are denied a good education and thus the chance of a promising future. Especially in the current times, our help is indispensable. Making the world of many disadvantaged children a little bit better with each passing day is very important to me and the entire LRGKF team."

Women power at LR Global Kids Fund e.V.
Kirsten Ueckmann will be supported in her new role by Almut Kellermeyer, who will continue as Vice Chair for the next two years. With the election of the new executive committee for the first time in the association history two women stand at the point of the LRGKF. We are very pleased about this, emphasizes Almut Kellermeyer: "With concentrated female power, we will continue to do everything we can to support disadvantaged children and young people, for example through a wide range of educational opportunities and with the help of effective measures for personal development."

Around the world, many children and young people grow up in precarious circumstances. They are adversely affected by poverty or wars. Often their families are unable to provide them with access to education and development measures. That is why support from charitable organizations is essential for these children and young people. As a supporter of global children's aid projects, the LRGKF invested around 520,000 euros in 17 projects in 2021. Examples include the "RTLKinderhaus Lunch Club" in Germany, the "SOS Children's Village Browary" in Ukraine and the "Family House" in Bulgaria.