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Design reflects the magic of Christmas

Ahlen Lunch Club kids provide inspiration for the motif of the sixth LR donation cup

Ahlen, October 31, 2022 - "What makes Christmas magic for you?" - this question was the focus of this year's creative activity of the Lunch Club kids with LR volunteers. The goal of the joint painting afternoon was to find a motif for the next LR Health & Beauty Christmas mug, the sales proceeds of which the company donates to the LR Global Kids Fund children's charity.

As always, the design was created at the beginning of the year. Some of the little artists have already been part of this joint product for a good cause in previous years. This time, they were allowed to let their imagination run free with lots of pens, brushes and watercolor. Since several children put Santa Claus on paper, who was pulled on a sleigh by reindeer, the motif was was pulled on a sleigh, the picture motif was quickly found. The stars and pink clouds also originate from the children's drawings. 
drawings of the children. "It was nice to see how much fun and creativity everyone participated in. Providing the basic idea for something that is even produced afterwards is a very special experience for the kids," emphasizes Helga Dittrich from the Lunch Club, who helped supervise the afternoon as an art therapist. 

The limited special edition of the Villeroy & Boch mug will be sold from November 1 with the start of the LR Christmas business (store.LRworld.com) and is highly sought after every year. In previous years it was often sold out well before the holiday. For each Christmas mug sold, 10 euros go directly to LR Global Kids Fund - money that goes entirely to children in need.