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LRGKF is looking for Ambassadors

#DoYouRemember? New campaign awakens childhood memories and invites to join in

#DoYouRemember? New campaign awakens childhood memories and invites to join in

Did you once have a favorite teddy? A partner in crime who accompanied you day in, day out - through sand, rain and all the adventures at home? Hand on heart: Does he perhaps still live with you at home?

Now, if you say "yes" out loud or even secretly, silently, you know that feeling. The feeling of having a best friend who is always by your side – even though it was just a small stuffed animal.

We think every child deserves a happy childhood and a fair chance. Even if it comes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. That's why the LRGKF is launching its new fundraising campaign and looking for new LRGKF Ambassadors.

As an LRGKF Ambassador, you support the LRGKF with a monthly donation of at least 5 Euros. Now the fun part: The campaign invites you to join in. From now on, you will find new content to share every week on our social media channels. This way, you directly help to find new LRGKF Ambassadors. Share your personal favorite moments and invite your community to join in.

Here's how:

  1. Become an LRGKF Ambassador: Sign up here and give children unforgettable moments of happiness for as little as 5 Euros a month.
  2. Share the campaign on Insta and Facebook: Follow the LR Global Kids Fund and share our posts. Instagram   Facebook
  3. Do good and talk about it: Share your favorite personal moments with hashtag #DoYouRemember? Each of us has a special childhood memory. And we're all too curious about yours! For extra beautiful stories, use the LRGKF's Instagram filters and stickers. Or post cute childhood pictures of yourself and nominate someone to participate, too.

Will we manage to flood the web with happy childhood memories? We're counting on you.

Join us and support the new LRGKF fundraising campaign. Think back to your favorite childhood memories – and give socially disadvantaged children moments of happiness. Become an LRGKF Ambassador!