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Legacy / testament

Would you like to give disadvantaged children a brighter future by remembering them in your will?

This is very easy and uncomplicated - every amount is appreciated and valuable. The amount donated, whether large or small, always helps and puts a smile on the faces of the children!

Do good – give children a future

Making a will allows us to do something good beyond our own lives and to leave a positive mark. The last will is a very personal matter. Which is why it is more than understandable if you decide to follow your heart and support projects that mean a lot to you.

But when you decide to pass your assets on to disadvantaged children and youths, you are doing more than that: you are changing lives. You are ensuring a brighter future. Much of how children develop into young adults is down to how loving and nurturing an environment they grow up in. We want to improve the world in a sustainable manner and give disadvantaged children and youths a future they can look forward to – together, we can achieve so much more.      

We would be happy to provide you with further information, either in a personal phone call or in a face-to-face meeting.