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Own fund-raising campaign

Come up with your own fund-raising campaign for the LRGKF. It’s really easy and uncomplicated. Every sum is welcome and received with gratitude. The donation – whether large or small – always helps and puts a smile on the faces of the children!

Making a difference – together

The more people donate,  the more children can receive the support they need to realise their dreams. Together, we can ensure that children in need get a decent start with a promising future.

Your birthday is coming up, or you’re hosting a party? Ask your friends to consider donating to a good cause that supports children instead of bringing presents. Become an LR Global Kids Fund superhero and organise your own fundraiser to improve the  future prospects of socially disadvantaged children.

It’s really easy:

Create your own personal fundraiser in three simple steps and encourage partners, family members and friends to donate.

  1. Register online
  2. Give a short description of your fundraiser and upload a photo
  3. Invite relatives, acquaintances and friends to take part.

Please note: You haven’t managed to collect quite as many donations as you thought you would? That’s a shame, but nothing to worry about! You do not have to pay the missing sum out of your own pocket.

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