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LR Global Kids Fund e. V.

Makes children jump for joy

Offering disadvantaged children and youths a brighter future is what the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. is all about – it’s what we do with a passion. We give the youngest members of society a better life! This idea is not solely based on the LR Health & Beauty brand promise “More Quality for your Life” – social commitment is deeply rooted in our corporate culture.

Who is the LR Global Kids Fund e. V.?

In 2009, LR Health & Beauty founded the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. The independent charity has set itself the task of promoting socially disadvantaged children and youths who have a reduced chance of a hopeful future due to a lack of access to quality education, food, leisure activities and health services.

The LR Global Kids Fund is based on the collective commitment of the company, its employees, sales partners and customers and supports aid projects in countries in which LR is active. And that’s what makes it so special: the LR Global Kids Fund is not just any children’s aid organisation – this charity was founded by LR’s own employees. And offers wholehearted support for children.

The LR Global Kids Fund e. V.

  • Has been active for over 14 years
  • Has already received over 5 million euros in donations since 2009
  • Currently supports 19 children’s aid projects in 19 countries
  • Has over 1,200 supporting members
  • 100% of the donations are spent on the aid projects
  • LR pays for all the administrative costs of the charity
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Your help counts

A donation from just 5 EUR a month can already do wonders.

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