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Your donation

Show love and compassion and get involved in helping disadvantaged children and youths. Together, we can achieve so much more.

Your donation matters!

... and it will go exactly where it is needed. To those suffering real hardship. Children and youths who have had a particularly difficult start in life and who, without your help, would have to fend for themselves. Which is why your donation is more than just a number. Your donation represents a brighter future. A prospect for children to whom life has not been very kind so far.

And: 100 % of your donations are actually invested in the projects, because LR Health & Beauty pays for all administrative costs. Of course, you will get a donation receipt that documents your involvement with the LR Global Kids Fund.

Information about the donation receipt: Your membership fees and donations to the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. are tax-deductible. You can claim donations of up to EUR 200.00 as tax-exempt by submitting your deposit slip or bank statement. An official donation receipt is only required for donations of EUR 200.01 or more. Presentation of an official donation receipt required.

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