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Educational opportunities are opportunities for the future

Today's news article is about the important topic of education. Because we think: Education plays such an important role for a hopeful future that we can't talk about it enough.

Did you know, for example, that you can look at this topic from two perspectives? First, from the perspective of each individual: In order for every child to achieve what he or she wants, it should also be possible for every child to be able to exercise the fundamental right to education. Education should not be a privilege that is denied to children and young people from socially disadvantaged families.

On the other hand, the topic of education is also of enormous importance for society as a whole. The United Nations even sees education as the preservation of peace. In this perspective, understanding the world is solely due to education. Or, to put it another way: high-quality education enables every child to develop his or her own potential and influence not only his or her own future, but perhaps that of society as well.

The LR Global Kids Fund e.V. contributes with its commitment to give as many children as possible the opportunity to experience a quality education. We stand up for children and their right to education - to enable them to have a future in which they can develop freely.