Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the LR Global Kids Fund. If your query is not among the following list, please feel free to contact us directly.

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E-Mail: info(at)

General Remarks

1. How does the LR Global Kids Fund finance its projects?
The main sponsor of the LR Global Kids Fund is the corporation LR Health & Beauty Systems. The remaining resources are allocated through the raising of private funds. Donations from the public, companies and from fundraisers provide the indispensable basis for the work of the LRGKF.

2. How much of my donation actually reaches the projects?
The LR Global Kids Fund aims at keeping the expenses for administration and public relations as low as possible. In 2012, around 80 percent of the contributions received were invested directly in the aid projects of the LRGKF. Earmarked donations reach their requested project to 100 percent. Please mention the name of the respective children’s aid project in your transfer.

3. What does „LR“ stand for in the name of the LR Global Kids Fund?
The LR Global Kids Fund was established by employees of the company LR Health & Beauty Systems (For short: LR). The company provides the majority of the donations for the association. 

Supporting the LR Global Kids Fund

1. How can I help best?
Money donations to the LR Global Kids Fund are the most effective way to support the children’s aid projects. In conjunction with the employees of the respective project, it will be decided which supporting measures are realized with donations of the LR Global Kids Fund.
Regular donations via standing order or direct debit authority (revocable at all times) are especially effective, as they enable the association to plan ahead and to guarantee or to extend proven supporting measures.

2. Is it possible to organise a fundraising campaign for the LR Global Kids Fund?
Bazaars, auctions or charity concerts – it is not difficult at all to make a difference! We are always delighted about creative supporters. Please feel free to ask.

3. Is it possible to visit the projects of the LR Global Kids Fund?
Several times a year, organised visits of different projects take place. Please approach us, if you are interested, so that we can take you into account for the next scheduled visit.

How the LR Global Kids Fund helps

1. Can the LR Global Kids Fund support me or another person?
Due to inquiries, we sometimes hear about personal circumstances that force individuals to ask aid organizations like the LR Global Kids Fund for help. We know that it is always difficult to take such a step and which high hopes are connected to it.
The answer is never easy, but unfortunately individual support is not possible. The LR Global Kids Fund offers long-term financial support for a carefully thought out and fixed circle of facilities. Only thus, proven supporting measures can be guaranteed and extended. Please understand that we cannot offer any individual support.

2. Can I suggest new projects to the LR Global Kids Fund?
We are always pleased to receive projects suggestions for the countries in which we operate. However, we cannot guarantee to what extent the respective proposals are implemented.