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Hurray for children's health

Today we would like to introduce you to another important topic. It is about the topic of child health.

This is particularly important to give children a good start in life. This is because health-forming behaviors are already established in the early years of children's lives. In other words, early health promotion and prevention is the foundation for a healthy life.

There are many different aspects to child health. On the one hand, it is about basic medical care checkups to detect diseases early, to treat them and to initiate preventative measures against further diseases. On the other hand, it is also about the treatment of serious, chronic or even rare diseases, which enables children to get through everyday life well.

Current developments show that the threat to children's health is increasingly accompanied by obesity, which can subsequently lead to further illnesses such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, joint problems or even depression. Prevention therefore plays a very important role here. After all, obesity developed at an early age is difficult to manage later in life. That's why prevention focuses more on diet and exercise habits, dealing with stress, and also the use of electronic media.

In general, there are many other threats to children's health. In order to reduce these as far as possible, preventive measures and good medical care are essential. The projects supported by the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. actively pay attention to the physical and mental health of children. Because every child has a right to a healthy life. We are committed to a good life for children - help us in this and support our association with a sponsoring membership or one-time donation!