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41. News  
Real-life stories Here, you can find out more about which topics we’re currently interested in, news about our projects, upcoming campaigns and everything about the LR Global Kids Fund.  
42. International Children’s Day  
Today is International Children’s Day. This draws attention to the special needs of children, child protection and child politics all around the world.  
43. Home page  
17,22,19All FAQst3://page?uid=24 “In line with our company philosophy – “More quality for your life” – we are keen to help disadvantaged children and youths and to give them a promising future. At…  
44. Sponsoring member  
Become a sponsoring member now! With an LR Global Kids sponsoring membership, you can easily give disadvantaged children a better quality of life and a future they can look forward to. And…  
45. Your donation (one-off)  
Your donation Show love and compassion and get involved in helping disadvantaged children and youths. Together, we can achieve so much more. Your donation matters! ... and it will go exactly where…  
46. Own fund-raising campaign  
Own fund-raising campaign Come up with your own fund-raising campaign for the LRGKF. It’s really easy and uncomplicated. Every sum is welcome and received with gratitude. The donation – whether…  
47. Legacy / testament  
Legacy / testament Would you like to give disadvantaged children a brighter future by remembering them in your will? This is very easy and uncomplicated - every amount is appreciated and valuable.…  
48. Donations  
Donations There are several ways in which you can donate to the LRGKF. Whichever way you choose, your donation supports disadvantaged children and youths in need of special help.All FAQs Sponsoring…  
49. How we help  
Our children’s aid projects We currently support children and youths in 17 children’s aid projects in 17 countries. The main focus lies on health and education. We, for instance, enable targeted…  
50. Board  
Faces of the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. Children are our future, which is why the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. is a project that is particularly dear to us. We believe it is our duty to get involved and…  
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