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21. France  
In France, the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. supports the sports camp “Etoiles de Neiges”, which helps children and youths who suffer from the incurable metabolic disease cystic fibrosis.  
22. Germany  
The LR Global Kids Fund e. V. not only supports children and youths, it also promotes their education and personal development in order to improve their future prospects.  
23. Bulgaria  
The so-called “Family House” offers children care in a sheltered setting – a real alternative to the seriously swamped system of state welfare.  
24. Belgium  
Three times a week, a therapist and a psychomotor specialist visit the SOS Children’s Village Chantevent to support the children’s healing processes.  
25. Albania  
The SOS Children’s Village is located in Sauk, a village near the Albanian capital of Tirana. The main focus here lies on psychosocial and educational support to improve the children’s living…  
26. LR Global Kids Fund e. V.  
Who is the LR Global Kids Fund e. V.? In 2009, LR Health & Beauty founded the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. The independent charity has set itself the task of promoting socially disadvantaged…  
27. Donation receipt  
Donation receipts Your donation is tax-deductible – what you need to look out for Your membership fees and donations to the LR Global Kids Fund are tax-deductible. You can claim donations of up to…  
28. Social media channels  
Have you heard about our social media channels?  
29. Balance 2020: half a million euros for a good cause  
Ahlen-based children’s charity LR Global Kids Fund e.V. once again increases its donations  
30. Lunch Club news  
The building in which the Lunch Club is housed has changed hands, but the new owner has kept the Lunch Club e. V. as a tenant. From August / September, the Lunch Club will move into the adjacent…  
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