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1. Educational opportunities are opportunities for the future  
Today's news article is about the important topic of education. Because we think: Education plays such an important role for a hopeful future that we can't talk about it enough.  
2. Hurray for children's health  
Today we would like to introduce you to another important topic. It is about the topic of child health.  
3. Children's rights  
All people are equal - at least according to our Basic Law! What is often associated only with adults, however, applies especially to children. Ein Vater schaut sein Kind an, welches zurück schaut und auf einem Hocker steht. Beide sind somit auf Augenhöhe und lächeln sich an.  
4. 20_GB_LRGKF_Geschaeftsbericht_en.pdf  
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ANNUAL REPORT 2019 Foreword Dear sponsoring member What a successful story! In 2009, LR Health & Beauty initiated the LR Global Kids Fund (LRGKF) to promote the education and personal development…  
5. LRGKF_Annual-Report_2017_GB.pdf  
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ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Introduction Page 3 Publisher: Highlights 2017 Page 4 LR Global Kids Fund e.V., The Year in Numbers Page 5 National Projects Page 8 Kruppstraße 55,59227 Ahlen…  
6. LRGKF_Jahresbericht_18_englisch_web.pdf  
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ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Publisher: LR Global Kids Fund e.V., Kruppstraße 55,59227 Ahlen Responsible: Executive Board LR Global Kids Fund e.V. Project Management: Miriam Link Telephone: +49…  
7. LRGKF_Annual-Report_2016_GB.pdf  
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ANNUAL REPORT 2016 Published by: LR Global Kids Fund Kruppstrasse 55, 59227 Ahlen, Germany Responsible for the content: Executive Board of LR Global Kids Fund Project management: Sabrina Schulz…  
8. LRGKF_annual-report_2020.pdf  
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ANNUALREPORT 2020 Highlights Foreword 2018 Dear sponsoring member 2020 is a special year in every aspect – for the LR Global Kids Fund and for each and every one of us. Who Table of Contents…  
9. LRGKF_Jahresbericht_2020.pdf  
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JAHRESBERICHT 2020 Highlights Vorwort 2018 Liebe Fördermitglieder, liebe Leser, Inhaltsverzeichnis 2020 ist in jeder Hinsicht ein besonderes Jahr für den LR Global Kids Fund, für jeden…  
10. Hungary  
For children from socially deprived families, learning one or more foreign languages is not always a matter of course.  
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