Aid Project Ukraine

Growing up is not easy. Apart from the physical changes, it is also the personal interests, thoughts and feelings that undergo a transformation. The urge to try things and test one’s limits increases – and sometimes even goes too far.

For Ukrainian teenagers in difficult situations who run the risk of drifting apart from their families and do not shy away from dangerous situations, the preventive programme “Step to Adulthood” has been initiated. It offers 60 young people the chance to participate in 16 different workshops of 3 hours each on various subjects together with their parents. The participants develop contents regarding communication and health, e.g. self-reflection, decision-making, conflict-solving, drug abuse, HIV and alcohol consumption. Depending on the topic, the groups are divided differently, for instance there are courses for boys or girls/mothers or fathers only.

Apart from teaching them a healthy life, the most important goal of the workshops is to show the adolescents new ways and therefore protect them from dangerous situations. In addition, the workshops are intended to promote the understanding of one’s own interests and those of others – both for the teenagers and the parents – and enhance communication. Ultimately, it is all about a fundamental change in attitude regarding existing social problems: With the help of the workshops, the negative attitude “We cannot change the situation” is to be transformed into the positive willingness and conviction that it is possible to make a personal contribution to changing the situation.