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Aid project Russia

Psychological support and leisure activities

We support the SOS Children’s Village Pushkin 15 kilometres outside Saint Petersburg. It provides psychological support, speech and art therapy, music lessons, sports and cultural activities for a total of 120 children.

Some of the children have complex language disorders that affect their development and lead to further problems down the line. In addition to speech therapy, the holistic development concept includes art therapy to harmonise the development of the children’s personality, as well as music and singing lessons to promote vocal abilities and listening skills. Nature plays a key role in promoting a sense of wellbeing and in maintaining mental and physical health. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, trips  and activities in nature are a fundamental part of the children’s lives here.

About the project

Local circumstances

Over the past few decades, life in Saint Petersburg has steadily become even more difficult due to the deterioration in the social and economic situation. As a result, the number of children without parental care has increased, as many families are unable to provide for the mental and / or physical wellbeing of their children.

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