Aid Project Netherlands

38,000 children in the Netherlands are not safe at home. They grow up in foster homes or women’s shelters due to violence, a lack of care or instability in their own families. This also includes more than 14,000 children who were forced to flee to the Netherlands alone or with their families because of political unrest.

The organisation Het Vergeten Kind (the forgotten child) is committed to offering these children a normal life despite everything they had to go through, focusing on a general improvement of their housing and living conditions. Apart from offering emotional support and creating opportunities for development, organising day trips is an important pillar of the concept. Activities that many children take for granted like a visit to the amusement park or the zoo or participation in a sports camp are like a dream come true for these children.

In 2017, the LR Global Kids Fund supported Het Vergeten Kind with a donation of EUR 15,000. This allows 2,500 children and teenagers to make unique experiences and hopefully help them forget their daily problems and sorrows for a little while.