Aid Project Netherlands

Ill and handicapped children are often confronted with all that they can’t do anymore. They suffer pain, the medicaltreatmensts can be very though. That’s why our trained, proffesional CliniClowns are visiting almost all the hospitals in the Netherlands with a Child’s Ward, bringing these vulnerable children a happy moment. To reduce stress and anxiety, for hopefully getting better soon. But most important for the child: to forget it’s illness. Because each child needs to be a child.

That is why we developed the CliniClowns App, where sick and disabled children can 24 hours a day meet CliniClowns online! This prolongs the effect these children have already experienced during the visit (unstress, distraction, joy). To reach as many ill children as possible, we need to let them know we offer this online opportunity. Our aim is to triple the current 500 members, and to improve the facilities to the highest level. Better features, more CliniClowns, more locations for webcamming, to get the best results.