RTL Children Houses

In addition to a well-balanced meal, RTL children's homes provide well-balanced meals, support with homework and affectionate care for every child. Also they are promoted through creative play and educational programs for their development. The facilities are important contact points for socially disadvantaged children.

The LR Global Kids Fund has been supporting RTL's children's homes in Leipzig and Stuttgart since 2016.

In Stuttgart, the extended childcare offer of the RTL Children's House offers more than 40 children a daily free lunch and a reliable care during the day. The children get leisure and learning opportunities as well. After they have registered in the care offer with their parents they have the chance to come three to five times a week.

The RTL children's house in Leipzig is located in the district of Grünau, a prefabricated apartment block development. Unfortunately the child poverty in there is very high. The financial situation of families, long-term unemployment, over-indebtedness and psychosocial problems were the main characteristics of the development of many children and adolescents. Parents reach their personal limits in their educational work. Many children are forced to take responsibility for themselves and their families at an early stage. Every month, more than 400 children at risk of poverty take part in collective breakfast events, acting visits or craft projects in the RTL children's home in Leipzig.