RTL children's home Stuttgart

RTL children‘s homes have been established in Germany in 2009. The goal of the 18 existing establishments is to alleviate the disadvantages resulting from poverty in the areas of education, cultural and social participation, as well as from individual impairments and to help children and young people find a way out of the poverty trap in various ways. 

The RTL children‘s home in Stuttgart offers support programmes in the four quarters of Stuttgart - Nord, Süd, Rot and Bad Canstatt - and it is also one of the most important shelters for refugee children as well. The focus of this programme is primarily on eating lunch and cooking together, as well as help with homework and learning, but also counteracting social neglect, since the children often feel like they can only rely on themselves. The continuity of relationships with the employees provides reliability and makes them important contact partners for the children in all areas of life.

In Bad Canstatt, 6 children also benefit from the RTL children‘s home ‚SoFa‘ programme. Because of their challenging behaviours, these kids are no longer allowed to participate in their school‘s full-day programmes. In small groups, they once again learn how to follow rules, manage conflicts with other kids without using violence, and progress with their school work. Regular parent work is also part of this project.

Playing and recreational programmes, like going to the zoo, the Olympic Games, building and planting a raised bed, or skating, round off the programme offered at the RTL children‘s home in Stuttgart, which LRGKF is sponsoring with its donation.