RTL children's home Leipzig

RTL children‘s homes have been established in Germany in 2009. The goal of the 18 existing establishments is to alleviate the disadvantages resulting from poverty in the areas of education, cultural and social participation, as well as from individual impairments and to help children and young people find a way out of the poverty trap in various ways. 

The institution in Leipzig is an open children‘s home with a construction playground and workshops, located in the middle of a prefabricated apartment building neighbourhood in Grünau. In 2017, 3,663 girls and 3,756 boys, mostly between the ages of 7-14, went to the RTL children‘s home.

The donation from LR Global Kids Fund supports the establishment in many areas. From homework assistance, to handcrafts and creative programmes in the facility‘s own workshops. This enables the children to try out the different materials themselves and develop their own skills. By doing so, they can experience self-esteem and strengthen their self-efficacy. Social participation and healthy diet is the focus of the ‚Kids Cook For Kids“ project. This programme is very popular as always, and also ensures that the young participants get a healthy, freshly prepared meal at least once a day.