Unfortunately, child poverty also exists in wealthy industrialised nations such as Germany. Right on our doorstep, 21% of children - almost one in every five - live in poverty. In addition, they usually remain in poverty, either permanently or recurrently.

For children, this usually means a limited basic provision of needs and a lack of participation in social life. In Ahlen alone, where the LR Global Kids Fund is based, 2,200 children and young people are affected by poverty.

Children and young people need help in order to leave this world of ‘limitations’. LR Global Kids Fund has set itself the goal of not only supporting children and young people with services providing the care they need, but also developing their education and personality in order to improve their future prospects.

That‘s why the LR Global Kids Fund supports facilities where children and young people receive exactly these services. In Germany, the fund’s involvement focuses on the local project ‘Lunch Club e.V.’ and cooperation with the ‘RTL Foundation – Wir helfen Kindern e.V.’, whose RTL children‘s homes in Stuttgart and Leipzig are supported by the LR Global Kids Fund.