A special thank you to LR Global Kids Fund!

A special thank you during this though time to all LR Global’s partners, people and Fund. CliniClowns is very grateful for the LR Global Kids Fund support as of 2019. During this days, with all risks of COVID19, visiting ill and disabled children by our CliniClowns at the hospitals is too risky, which means we have to disappoint a lot of children at healthcare. Due to our newest development, also supported by LR Global Kids Fund, we can still reach a lot of children online. Very precious and meaningful at this time! On behalf of the children and their families: we are very, very grateful. Thank you so much for your loyal support and to make our online community possible, and offer these kids and families joy and distraction.

CliniClowns online: CliniClowns App
CliniClowns App: where ill and disabled children can meet CliniClowns online 24 hours a day! With our online tool we reach children at home as well as children in hospitals and facilities like special need’s schools and hospices, supporting them in difficult times. LR Global Kids Fund supports CliniClowns online since 2019.

About CliniClowns Netherlands

Ill and disabled children are often confronted with their limitations and everything they cannot do anymore CliniClowns focuses on the qualities of every child. We are there for a small happy moment with great significance through sincere contact with the clowns for children in a difficult health situation and for elderly people who suffer from dementia. From 2018 CliniClowns also play for elderly people suffering from dementia.