Discovering Augsburg: Hungarian adolescents intensify their knowledge of German at the language camp

At the end of June, 12 children and young people from Hungary went on a great trip: During the one-week language camp in Augsburg, they expanded their knowledge of German, explored the Bavarian city and got to know the life in Germany. The LR Global Kids Fund supported the course with EUR 15,000. Sabrina Schulz, Vice Chairwoman of the German Children's Aid Association, accompanied her Hungarian colleague Adel Birnstingl for one day. 

The language camp was organised by the Hungarian Csányi Foundation, an organisation that offers long-term support for disadvantaged children and young people. The twelve participants of the language camp were the winners of the annual five-stage competition, which tests the competences of the students in several examinations. Their hard work paid off: By travelling to Germany, they had the unique opportunity to apply their skills in practice and to experience the country and the people at first hand.

In the morning the students intensified their skills during language classes, while the afternoons were filled with various activities - from the city rally to a visit to the Fugger Welser Museum through to a visit to the Western amusement park. In order to get to know everyday life in Germany, the camp participants were accommodated with host families who took care of them during their stay. "It is absolutely wonderful to see how much the children and young people enjoy their stay here in Germany and the excursions. For most of them, it is a very special trip and their first visit abroad, as their families cannot afford holidays. At the same time, they are doing something for their future personal development. So our donation has done exactly the right thing,” Sabrina Schulz sums up her impressions. 

After a week, the young language talents returned home. Their positive experiences from Germany will hopefully keep them motivated in the next school year - and enable them to take advantage of the opportunities associated with it.