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Donation receipts

Your donation is tax-deductible – what you need to look out for

Your membership fees and donations to the LR Global Kids Fund are tax-deductible. You can claim donations of up to EUR 200.00 as tax-exempt by submitting your deposit slip or bank statement. An official donation receipt is only required for donations of EUR 200.01 or more. 

LRGKF donation service: automatic donation receipt

The LR Global Kids Fund e. V. is recognised by the tax office as a charitable organisation and is exempt from corporate income tax, which means you can offset donations to the LRGKF against tax. Since this is a German organization, please note that we can only issue you a German donation receipt. It may be the case here that this will not be accepted in every country.

If you donate more than 100 euros, you will automatically receive a separate donation receipt for the tax office. We will send out your donation receipt within four weeks of having received your donation. Benefactors who donate regularly automatically receive a collective donation receipt at the beginning of the following year.  Please remember to include your address. 

Many donations to the LR Global Kids Fund are the result of  fundraising campaigns  such as the donation box campaign. For tax reasons, no receipt for the total amount of the donation can be issued in this case, as this type of contribution is made up of many individual donations that have been entrusted to the organiser of the campaign to forward to the LR Global Kids Fund. The LRGKF team would be happy to provide each donor who gave 50 euros or more with a receipt – provided a list of donors is available, detailing the surname, first name and address of the donor and the amount of the respective donation.