Germany, Lunch Club Germany, Lunch Club

More than 3,200 children and adolescents in Ahlen live under the poverty line- that is, one third of all kids. Healthy food and a good diet are essential for the development of children and adolescents.

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Australia Australia

With the help of a mentoring programme the LR Global Kids Fund supports children and adolescents within the age of seven to 17 in Australia.

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Denmark Denmark

Children love to go on holiday. They enjoy discovering a new environment where they can experience the joy of being able to romp about outdoors. Children from low-income families often only have a limited choice of leisure activities and might not be able to participate in holiday camps.

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France France

In France, the LR Global Kids Fund supports children and adolescents who have to live with the life-shortening disease cystic fibrosis. The goal is to support them in their vocational integration and to offer them and their families a helping hand in dealing with the disease.

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Germany, Lunch Club

Fundraising Campaign: Sweating for children in need!

On 14 September, four LR employees will take on a very special sporting challenge. They will participate in the Münster Marathon. The track is 42.195 km. Under the motto "Sweating for children in need!" Marie, David, Frano and Manfred will take the participation in the marathon as an opportunity to raise funds for children's aid projects in Europe. Their goal: 5.000 Euro!

As a small gesture of thanks, we will have the names of the donors printed on our running shirts.

Join the LR Health & Beauty Marathon Team and donate for children in need!