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More than 3,200 children and adolescents in Ahlen live under the poverty line- that is, one third of all kids. Healthy food and a good diet are essential for the development of children and adolescents.

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In France, the LR Global Kids Fund supports children and adolescents who have to live with the life-shortening disease cystic fibrosis. The goal is to support them in their vocational integration and to offer them and their families a helping hand in dealing with the disease.

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In Milan, Italy, the LR Global Kids Fund gives children with a difficult social background a second chance.

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In the district Załęże in Katowice unemployment, alcoholism and crime are significant social problems. Many old tenements - with only one common bathroom and no central heating - serve as overcrowded social housing. The majority of these houses are inhabited by poor and unemployed people, without any prospects for a better life.

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About us

Millions of children and teenagers in our neighbourhoods have little hope of a bright future because of social, economic or family problems. They need support. The life perspectives of young people are largely dependent on the development opportunities presented to them.

This is why the LR Global Kids Fund (LRGKF) was created in January 2009 as a registered non-profit organisation. Under the motto “for a promising future”, it provides help for children who have limited development and education opportunities.

The LRGKF supports young people in developing their skills and individual potential. The children’s charity facilitates access to sport, music and culture for example whilst encouraging talking, articulation and reading and promoting personal development. In addition, LR Global Kids Fund provides contact partners to listen to the children and to guide and believe in them.